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John and Pat Shotwell's 1978 GMC Royale

This site is the online home where owners of a GMC MotorHome or TransMode may register their names and the coach's serial number. The information, which is of historical significance, is used only by, and for, owners of these classic vehicles which were designed and built by the truck division of General Motors. Submitting this information is totally voluntary on the part of you, the owner.

With this information on hand, owners, and prospective owners may request information related to a GMC coach. General information about the motorhomes is compiled, and results made available on the Statistics page of this site.

Many owners have found this service to be useful and interesting. We hope you do also, and feel free to submit any information you may have on your GMC, or on any other '73 - '78 GMC coach you may find in your travels.

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Navigating This Site

Of course, you are now at the Home page of the Registry.

The Online Form is used to register a coach's information while visiting the page. Remember, the serial number for a GMC-built coach you are registering begins with TZE.

The Mail-In Form is used for those owners that would prefer to send in their coach information, instead of using a computer; or who would like to print out a form to mail in.

At the Gallery you may view several photos of GMC coaches, including the MotorHomes built by GMC, TransModes that were upfitted as motorhomes by other companies, such as Coachmen and Avion, and even units that were configured for special uses, such as a mobile studio for a radio station.

The GMC Clubs area allows you to link to one of the several GMC clubs, all of which are affiliated with FMCA, the Family Motor Coach Association.

Under the Vendors tab, you'll fine a list of suppliers of parts and specialty items for GMC motorhomes.

In the Statistics and Trivia areas, you can look over interesting information and data that has been compiled over the years.

You may also make a Donation (this site is privately maintained on a voluntary basis and welcomes your financial support).

Policy - we've put this in place to protect the security of you, the owners.

Finally, if you want to know more about how this site was started, take a look at the
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